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“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.”
– Phil Jackson

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Part Time Psychotherapist Contractor [Bethesda, MD]

Company Culture

At The CFC, we envision a future where psychotherapy has been destigmatized, increasing access to mental health so that everyone can live in healthy, supportive relationships where they can lead fulfilling, meaningful lives. In order to reach this vision, it is our mission to recruit and train behavioral health providers who deliver services to the community leaving our clients feeling greater states of well-being and energized to share the benefits with others. Our values guide how we show up at work:

  • Courage – We promote the courage to listen to what the heart’s integrity asks of us
  • Respect – We choose kindness and respect, especially during times of difficulty
  • Compassion – We cultivate compassion for one another, and for oneself
  • Responsibility – We commit to our responsibilities, and help others make this commitment for themselves
  • Growth – We nurture personal growth to fulfill the potential in one another

Responsibilities and Activities

The psychotherapist contractor position is part time, providing anywhere between 10 – 25 client hours a week. Associates are responsible for maintaining a consistent caseload, attending monthly team meetings, and following documentation guidelines in compliance with utilization standards of care. Associates schedule consults, book appointments, and follow clinic guidelines for record keeping. Team members are also encouraged to leverage their natural gifts for the betterment of themselves, the organization, and our community through effective outreach and engagement practices. Your strengths as a team member may be called upon to help improve other aspects of business operations.

Qualification Criteria

The following criteria will be considered for each applicant:

Deal Breakers

  • Valid license to practice in MD
  • Masters degree in clinical mental health
  • Resonance with our vision, mission, and values


  • At least 1 year of experience in a clinical setting
  • Experience working with couples and families; Experience with teens and children is a big plus
  • Availability to work on select weekdays (including evenings) and weekends

Pay Range and Benefits

When an associate is seeing at least 10 client hours/week, the pay range is no lower than $2,159.00; And $5,395.87 per month or higher depending on the associate’s caseload (self pay:insurance pay ratio) We are in-network with BCBS and out of network with all other insurance plans. 

Benefits breakdown:

  • Free weekly consultation and mentoring
  • A reliable stream of referrals from our waitlist to build your caseload at your own pace
  • Flexibility to set your own schedule and work with your ideal client
  • Competitive and increasing fee schedule conditional upon number of client hours and length of time at the practice
  • In-house billing specialist to handle all insurance paperwork
  • Opportunities to develop your passions into published articles, community workshops and guest speaking in media placement
  • Office located 5 – 7 min walk from the metro station with free parking for staff
  • EOY bonuses given to team members who:
    • Actively utilize effective outreach and engagement practices
      • PT profile
      • Blogging/newsletter
      • Networking events/media appearances/workshops
  • [We are a small group, and are not able to offer health insurance or retirement plan benefits at this time]

If the above speaks to you, and you’re still interested in joining our practice, please fill out this questionnaire. Please email your resume/CV to Robin Smith at

If the above does not speak to you, please feel free to forward this job opportunity to others in your networks who might be interested. Thank you!