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"Learning positive communication skills has helped us in multiple situations. Not only have we been able to understand each other more effectively but we have also become closer and have been able to discuss more deeper emotions."
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Couples Therapy vs. Marriage Counseling
Is There a Difference?

The short answer is, yes technically and legally, but as for how that affects the process of treatment, there’s not much of a difference. As Marriage and Family Therapists, we provide treatment to the couple in essentially the same way regardless of their marital status. Many of the couples we treat who are not married face similar challenges to that of married couples:

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What is Couples Therapy?

"[In] identifying/naming our most common arguments we have been able to resolve them much quicker and effectively."

Couples therapy typically includes both partners, and sometimes we will want to meet with each partner individually in order to enhance the work that is being done with the couple relationship. The specific treatment plan will depend on each couple’s unique situation. Couples therapy is what Marriage and Family Therapists do best! Many couples who work with us tend to notice positive changes in their relationship within the first 5 – 8 sessions, and treatment usually lasts anywhere from 8-20 sessions. Couples therapy can be effective for both married and unmarried couples because at its core, couples therapy is about helping the couple to recognize and resolve conflicts and improve their relationship.

Couples will contact us for counseling to get help identifying what needs to change in their relationship. We help our clients learn how to regain control over the conflicted style of communication, listen for understanding, and process their own emotions in new and profound ways. Sometimes couples who are engaged to be married will contact us for premarital counseling, and during the course of premarital counseling we identify that there are deeper issues that indicate the need for couples therapy. This is not uncommon, and in fact is a good thing to identify early on in your relationship. We specialize in working with premarital couples, expecting and first time parents, and high conflict couples. If you are on the fence about couples therapy, don’t hesitate to call or message us to get your questions answered.

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