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“We know what we are but not what we may be.”  Ophelia in Hamlet

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Do you or your partner have a relationship that is deteriorating with your child? Working with a family counselor can help your family begin to heal strained relationships. When I work with families, I find it best to work with different systems within the family as a necessary part of effective treatment. When we meet, I’ll want to see every member of the family who can attend the first session, one or both parents, your child(ren), and any other family members that live in the home.

Family Counseling Near Chevy Chase MD

Next I’ll want to meet with you and anyone else who is in a direct parental/guardian relationship with your child. As a Family Systems Therapist, I experience the value of direct parental involvement in the family counseling process.  

“… several therapeutic orientations and interventions view parental involvement as an integral component of child psychotherapy (e.g., family systems therapy). For therapists and interventions that subscribe to this view, efforts to improve Parent Participation Engagement become all the more essential.”

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