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Intimacy Counseling in Bethesda

Intimacy and connection with other people are vital to the human experience. True intimacy, however, requires vulnerability and depth that may feel impossible for some people to ever get comfortable with given their past life experience or the types of relationships they saw as an example growing up. Fortunately, through counseling and self-exploration, you will be able to identify areas in which you are fearful or uncomfortable, and from there you can begin the healing process that will result in more closeness and satisfaction in your relationships.

What is Intimacy?

A common misconception that we often hear is that intimacy in a relationship only refers to sex. While intimacy plays an important role in sex, there is much more to it. True intimacy can be thought of as a place of commitment, in which an individual feels comfortable being vulnerable and trusts another person with even their most private thought and feelings. An intimacy that is reciprocated or a marriage in which both parties feel safe and understood is the mark of a healthy relationship. This level of intimacy often leaves spouses feeling deeply satisfied in the relationship both emotionally and sexually. When that intimacy is lost however, it starts to erode the relationship and causes foundational issues that could end the relationship if not dealt with.

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Common Signs of Intimacy Issues

There are dozens if not hundreds of ways in which you can experience fear, pain or rejection in a relationship that will result in a loss of intimacy. The handful we have gathered below are some of the most common issues that can arise in relationships.

  • If you feel unsafe or scared to share your private thoughts and feelings with your significant other or family.
  • If you have a history of being abused that you have never had counseling to work through.
  • Fear of losing your identity in a relationship or becoming codependent.
  • If you have had multiple sexual partners or one-night stands but are unable to continue the relationship afterward.
  • Reluctance to talk about the health of the relationship, or personal issues that could be resulting in increased arguments and distancing.
  • When the occurrence of a sexual encounter becomes rarer, and you don’t feel as close with your spouse or significant other as you once did.

Can Counseling Help You?

The key to preserving a relationship with your significant other even in the midst of intimacy issues is to recognize them and seek help as soon as possible. The trusted counselors at The Couple and Family Clinic can be an impartial third party that will help you and your significant other to feel heard and access those places in the relationship that are causing the most pain.

For most clients, fear of intimacy or trust issues emerge from areas they are not even aware of, which could include childhood trauma or life experiences from one’s past. We can help you navigate through these memories either in an individual setting or in marriage counseling to ultimately overcome that trauma and allow you and your spouse to connect more deeply. Intimacy issues are at the heart of many failed marriages and relationships, and our team is dedicated to seeing relationships flourish and grow. If you or a loved one is ready to take the next step and seek professional counseling, contact us today!