Intercultural / Interfaith / Interracial Couples Counseling

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Intercultural / Interfaith / Interracial Couples Counseling in Bethesda

In modern society, people are no longer tethered to the region they were born in to live and work. We are seeing more people living, working, and settling in other areas and other countries than ever before. Some move for relationships, education, or better economic opportunities, among various other reasons. In America, we have people from every single country on the globe. This gives us a fantastic opportunity to enhance our understanding of one another, and also fall in love with someone who has had completely different life experiences and viewpoints than our own.

As our nation grows, intercultural, interfaith, and interracial couples have become even more prevalent as people continue to migrate and travel. While the love that transcends borders is a beautiful thing, sometimes there are relational issues that arise because two people from different cultural, religious, and racial backgrounds could find tension and disagreement in areas they may not have initially realized.

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Interfaith and Intercultural Couples Counseling

All couples can struggle with many of the same issues, such as problems with communicating, building trust, parenting issues, financial concerns, intimacy difficulties, and so on. It is essential to understand that couples who come from different religious and/or cultural backgrounds can have an extra layer of differences. These cultural variances may come up when it comes to values, raising children, boundaries with family, and how to communicate about difficult topics that may be due to religious or cultural beliefs.

Families each develop their own traditions and culture over time and pass those traditions down to their children and grandchildren. In relationships that grow with the same religious and cultural guidelines, this is usually not an issue. However, when it comes to couples that have different traditions establishing how these traditions will be intermingled in the future can sometimes be challenging.  Issues can commonly arise when a couple does not understand or appreciate their partner’s cultural experience or practice effective communication that will allow them to build intimacy. The most successful intercultural relationships and marriages are made up of partners that continuously learn and grow alongside each other while developing new traditions specific to their family.

Interracial Couples Counseling

Another common problem that intercultural and/or interfaith couples experience is disapproval from family or friends. No one understands this more than interracial couples. Being an interracial couple presents challenges inside the relationship to be sure. Still, a fair portion of the pressure that causes strain in an interracial relationship is actually from family, friends, and strangers that may not agree with your choices or lifestyle. Love should have absolutely no boundaries, but that won’t keep people you know from falling back on negative biases and stereotypes that may leave you and your significant other feeling helpless or isolated. It’s essential to have the communication habits and tools in place so that when tension arises inside your relationship, you have what you need to support each other in the best way possible. There are always strategies you can use to dispel social pressures and handle even the most negative situations with grace.

How Counseling Can Help You

Where all couples experience differences that can create challenges in the relationship, couples with very different upbringings might find these challenges especially tough to navigate. It is important that you both explore the areas of your faith or culture as these aspects of your life play an enormous role in shaping who we are and how we see the world as adults. At the Couple and Family Clinic, we understand how meaningful these conversations are, and we are dedicated to helping you work through these issues in order to build a healthy and strong relationship.