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Infidelity Counseling in Bethesda

In a relationship, infidelity is viewed as the highest form of betrayal to your partner. It can be severely damaging to both you and your partner as well as the people involved in the affair. In some situations, infidelity can end the relationship, but if the couple decides to seek counseling together there are strategies they can use to begin repairing and rebuilding the relationship. Going through the process of infidelity counseling can shine a light on deep flaws in the relationship, thereby improving communication and making the relationship stronger than before.

What is Infidelity?

The term infidelity has different meanings depending on who is describing it, but a good way to look at it is anything that is causing someone to be unfaithful to the relationship. Infidelity will often manifest itself as an affair, but it can also be an addiction or even a non-sexual emotional affair that pulls your attention away from your current relationship. Because the very nature of infidelity is in opposition to your spouse or partner it is often kept as a closely guarded secret. For this reason, when the infidelity is discovered there is so much shame, betrayal, and guilt that the relationship often ends or things can become extremely hostile.

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How Can Marriage or Couples Counseling Work After Infidelity?

While marriage and couples counseling are technically two different things, the process that couples go through to heal the wounds that infidelity creates is relatively the same. The goal of this type of counseling is not to help the couple build a case of wrongs against the other person but to improve communication and solve the problems that led to the issues in the first place. If you are seeking counseling for issues related to infidelity, the certified and experienced counselors at The Couple and Family Clinic can help. We are dedicated to helping you resolve these types of issues, rebuild trust within the partnership, and help your relationship grow stronger.

Underlying Issues

If you or someone you know has ever been in a situation where infidelity is involved, then you may be asking yourself where it started or what you could have done to prevent it. Just by looking at statistics and various studies done on the subject we know that the desire to have an affair or explore an addiction comes from one or both partners feeling a lack of safety, stability, satisfaction, and intimacy in the relationship. Other issues that can lead to infidelity include depression, anxiety in the relationship, low self-esteem, and a desire for new experiences both sexual and otherwise.

The Benefits Of Counseling

It’s understandable to be hesitant when considering entering into counseling, but if you are serious about preserving the relationship and discovering how to heal the fractures then it is a necessary next step. While it will take both partners’ energy, effort, and vulnerability to discuss underlying issues and deep emotional scars it is vital to restoring intimacy in the relationship.

In our years of experience, a majority of couples report their relationship actually improving after infidelity because they were forced to discuss what had fractured the relationship in the first place and begin to move past it. Marriage counseling will also increase emotional awareness for your partner and teach you how to promote intimacy and take better care of your partner, and yourself.

By contacting us today we can help you and your partner work through both issues of infidelity, communication issues, addiction, lack of intimacy, or any other issues that could have influenced the initial behavior. We take these types of issues seriously and we are passionate about helping you save your relationship. Call and schedule an appointment with us today!