Clinical Supervision

"We can't be an expert in everything. Clinical Supervision provides a space to process your conceptualization of cases, treatment plan, and gain a deeper understanding of your reactions/countertransference."
Robin S. Smith
Bethesda, MD
AAMFT Approved Supervisor

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What is Clinical Supervision?

Clincal Supervision provides a space to collaboratively process and treatment plan cases. I incorporate CBT, Narrative, Experiential, and Psychodynamic models into my supervision style. I believe our lived experiences shape the way we see the world, how we determine who is safe, how we judge ourselves (and others), and how we develop the stories we tell ourselves based on our culture and early family relationships. My role is to assess your understanding of concepts and skills, and strengthen your awareness of transference and countertransference processes. I enjoy helping my supervisees to understand their own unconscious processes, engaging in role playing, and sharing personal stories. Above all, I privilege a “best fit criteria,” deciding which interventions are most consistent with the needs of the supervisee and the wider contexts of therapy and supervision.

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